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23 September 2010 @ 09:46 am
I suppose that this weeks' possibilities actually started last week.  There was a job opening posted last week for budget analyst I for a local city government.  There was a lovely birthday party for alessandro_bard on saturday.  I was able to get a hold of my 'government and non profit accounting'  teacher to ask some prep questions for a possible interview.  Another teacher had her dog leashed in / out of her office.  I was able to get a doggie fix with plenty of petting and scratching.  I found a pair of sandals in my size, style, & color in the clearance shelf at REI. I also bumped into a friend that I had not seen for a while.  Hugs and an invitation to come over Sat. afternoon.  Next, unexpected goodie.  An Air Force friend will be in Monterey for a class.  I will be meeting her on Friday (after having some ocean time with my favorite pocket beaches). 
And there is more.   I assembled the job application package and submitted it on time.  I am starting some dental work today. (yeah! really).  Good karma points to my dentist and the mid peninsula dental foundation for getting me into a program that will get me work that I need at a fraction of the price.  . . .and last but certainly NOT least, patsmor has graciously extended my paid membership.

may all of you have such weeks of possibilities!
29 September 2007 @ 11:53 am
 I miss Teresa.  I am very glad that I had a chance to know her over the years.  One of the things that I remember about her was her willingness to participate in joy.
06 July 2007 @ 02:43 pm

Hi, I'm here.  As can be seen, my livejournal setup is an initial fairly bare boned creation.  Hopefully to be less bare as I learn some of the tools and fun things.

Briefly, I am a year + into my accountancy re-education. 

Within a 10 day rime span 2 massively wonderful things have happened.   Through a circuitous route (do you expect anything else?) I found out on wed. 20-jun-07 that there were still accounting internships available for the summer quarter.

fri      22-jun-07 - application packet submitted, resume submitted, 1st faculty reference submitted  
sat    23-jun-07 - 2nd faculty refernce submitted, finished self paced class
mon 25-jun-07 - personal statement submitted, interview set up
tues 26-jun-07 - final exam Personal Income Tax (adv.) with California emphasis
wed  27-jun-07 - internship interview
thur  28-jun-07 - I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mon  02-jul-07 - attended internship orientaion, submitted stuff to DeAnza, corrected registration foo with Foothill.
                                I am now a NASA / Ames contract person ( through our wonderful community college system)
                                                     40 hr / week during the summer, 20 hr / week during school year

Now for the next wonderful thing during the same time span.  Started with an owee that may be a good thing for the long run.  I tripped and fell at the Mountain View farmers market.  Scraped my right knee and palm.  They healed up like I was in my 20's (yeah).  MY left wrist was extremely painful at first and has later dulled to an ache.  The California Edd and the VA have been making specific outreach efforts and providing advocacy to their various target audiences.  This includes female veterans.  An outreach team came to the Sunnyvale Edd on fri 22-jun-07.  The business office person didn't know if I could join in any category because I have savings to go along with my miniscule income.  The nurse / practitioner took my history, wiggled my fingers and re-wrapped my wrist.  The team's attitude was "How can we make this happen?" rather than "how can we PREVENT her from using our resources?".  I got the first of my 2 wrist x-rays before we knew the status of my application.  sat 30-jun-07 I received my formal notification that I was now enrolled in the VA health care system.  On tues 3-jul-07 I had my VA orientation and my second wrist xray.  [this was the day AFTER my NASA internship orientation.]  I have my first 2 doctor (Gp & GYN) appointments next tues 10-jul-07.  Oh boy, oh boy, I have medical coverage for AT LEAST this year and probably next year.

Gee, all I sat down to say was 'hello world'.

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